Saw your face in the room
Made me say damn what a lovely lady
She walked by, give me the eye
Now’s the time, I want to get to know her

Your body’s so delightful, so inviting, a mystery
I fantasize about you, so enticing, I’m in a trance

Memories of the time, when you loved
I really miss ya lady
When did we lose the love
I can’t explain, don’t want to lose ya lady

People change as they grow older, it’s true
Sometimes when the sparks are over
It’s hard to get it back
And then you add a child into the equation
It’s complicated
Trying to battle my desires, my temptations
And the feelings

Life keeps passing me, passing me, passing me, by
Life keeps passing me

Written by Eric Mobley.

Eric Mobley: lead vocal/keys
Jason Mitchell: guitar
Josh Prior: bass
Jeff Pivin: drums
Ian White: percussion
Marvin Scott: sax
Juan Rodriguez: trumpet
Patrice Stewart: vocals

Horn and vocal arrangements by Eric Mobley.  Produced by Eric Mobley, Jason Mitchell, and John Herrera.  Recorded at Clamsville Studios, Chandler, AZ between November 2019 and March 2020 during the “Life in Transition” sessions.  Engineered by John Herrera.  Mixed by John Herrera, Eric Mobley,  and Jason Mitchell.  Mastered by John Herrera.

(c) 2020 Paradise Valley Music