At first sight I fell into your vibe;
You were cool and fine you caught my eye
Not too long we soon were intimate;
But that turned out to be the beginning of the end … yeah
Ahh, Ahhh!
Well I thought we, had something very strong
But that was just an illusion the same old song
Hearts will always bleed, in the game of love
Wonder if I’ll ever find real love
Ahh, Ahhh!
Love games, Love, love games, those games of love (Repeat until the end)
Written by Eric Mobley and Chris Starks.

Eric “ET” Mobley: vocals/guitar/keyboards/programming

Chris “Basshead” Starks: bass/guitar/programming

Tracey Celaya: vocals

Vanessa Mendez: vocals

Jesse Parker: percussion

Written & produced by Eric Mobley and Chris Starks.

(c) Paradise Valley Music 2020