• $6 – Calumet’s 4 song EP from July 2019 on a USB flash drive.  Features It’s What You Do, Sun, It’s Up to You, and Break Down On Me.  Includes cover photo, lyrics, and credits.  Free US shipping.
  • $12 - Fire up Calumet's Life in Transition album anywhere you go with the USB flash drive version.  Listen from any computer, pad, or device with a USB port.  Includes cover art by Josh Prior, lyrics, and credits.  Comes in various random colors.  Free US shipping.  Ships on June 1st, 2020.
  • $12 - Calumet's 2020 full length release. Recorded at Clamsville Studio with John Herrera. Including My Only One, Layin' Blame, Trippin' On You, Life Keeps Passing Me, Love Games, and more.  Free US shipping.  Please note that this item ships on June 1st, 2020.
  • $15 - Comfortable white T-shirt with Calumet logo on front.  Men's L and XL available.  Free US shipping.
  • $6 - Calumet's 4 song EP from July 2019 on CD.  Includes It's What You Do, Sun, It's Up to You, and Break Down On Me.  Free US shipping.
  • $8 - Our first album from 2002, recorded by John Herrera at Clamsville Studios.  Features Calumet staples such as Time to Make It, Funk With the C, Retro Energy, Ambiguity, Do What You Do, I Made It, and more.  Free US shipping.
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