It’s like trying to grab water, or remember a dream

Only, how could you know what is real, even after a lifetime of contemplation

Imagining that the same fate awaits us all

Enduring a kaleidoscope of inputs and constant subversion

Is your life even worth examining?

Or, are you an accumulation of distractions

Protected by small delusions, obscuring a larger truth

We swim in an ocean of wishful thinking

Each of us a short-lived aberration

Cast against the impossible vastness of time and space

The only creature aware of its own mortality and impending demise

Extracting meaning out of chaos

As we stare into the void

Eric Mobley: lead vocal/keys
Jason Mitchell: guitars/bass
John Herrera: drums
Marvin Scott: sax
Kendall Davis: vocals

Written by Jason Mitchell.  Horn and vocal arrangements by Jason Mitchell.  Produced by Jason Mitchell and John Herrera.  Recorded at Clamsville Studios, Chandler, AZ between November 2019 and March 2020 during the “Life in Transition” sessions.  Engineered by John Herrera.  Mixed by John Herrera and Jason Mitchell.  Mastered by John Herrera.

(c) 2020 Paradise Valley Music